by Anna Petrie

The mission of the Oregon Area Food Pantry (OAFP) is to provide food and basic  necessities to those in need who are residents of the Oregon School District.

The vision of the OAFP is to reduce the impact of poverty on the residents of the Oregon School District by compassionately and humbly providing information, education and both tangible and intangible resources.

I reached out to Dr. Lynea LaVoy, who has served as a Board Member for nearly four years, and is currently the Board Secretary. She also takes care of the email, social media, and marketing.  When the pandemic hit in March, she additionally took on the role of outside registration, as the OAFP moved to a contact-less delivery.

Distribution hours for the pantry are every Tuesday 9am-11am and every second and last Thursday of the month from 4-7pm. 

Dr. LaVoy shared “I am very grateful for my continued health to help others in this time. Our guests are grateful we’re open and we’re a very giving pantry, to boot. We give about 36# per guest of outgoing food. Some guests can get by with once a month, others need to come weekly.”  

In total, there are 8 board members, including Jason Holtman, a PIH Team Member, who is one of the newest Board Members this year. The OAFP will need to have at least 2 new board members next late-spring as two of the three year terms are coming up. 

For anyone interested in learning more about the Board, you can start by contacting the OAFP via email:

If you’d like to get involved by volunteering, visit this link and fill out the volunteer form, here:

When we lean in to each other, we can continue to strengthen our community, and each other, in the process!