By Dave Engerman


Yes, it’s only Tuesday, BUT it’s never too early to plan ahead for those weekend DIY house projects!

Crown molding can add so much to a room and most DIYers can do it themselves.  One of the biggest unknowns that I found was the compound angles the cuts need to be depending on if you have a sharp edge or bullnose drywall corner joint. The sharp edge corner joint is the more typical drywall edge while the bullnose is a rounded joint.  I was missing out on installing some nice trim myself by not really pursuing more info on how to do both.

The internet is a good storehouse of information (most of the time).  I did some searching on the techniques for making these cuts for your trim to see how approachable they were and found the videos highlighted below to be pretty helpful.

One of the drawbacks is that it helps if you’re ambidextrous. Haha. It’s True. You’ll find out what I mean if you use one of the techniques, however, I mostly say that in jest. You are entirely capable! The videos below will help explain it. What you’ll need as a miter saw to create the gorgeous finish you’re looking for. You present the pieces from the same side of the saw but hold it in different hands. I also recommend starting with scrap pieces to test your cut angles. This will save you headache as you get comfortable with the techniques. Always wear your PPE and keep your phone nearby.

Thanks for reading and, as always, not liable for any damages. All negative comments can be sent to our Team Manager. 😉


Inside corner tutorials:

Outside corner tutorials:

Bullnose outside corner tutorials: