By Anna Petrie


With summertime comes all of those tiny critters we would rather keep out of our homes!

It’s easy to think that the only way to keep these pests under control is to use insecticides (which sometimes have their place) or call an exterminator. We wanted to put together a few ideas for you to try in case you would rather NOT go that route. There are lots of things that can help deter all those pests from bothering you and your home without going the extermination route.

Here are some great tips to try!

  • Be sure to clean up your patio or outdoor space where you might bring those summer snacks and evening mealtimes so that you don’t leave extra crumbs for those little critters wanting an excuse to get closer to the house.
  • Keep food in airtight containers, making sure your picnic is all tidied up at the end.
  • Keep soil near the foundation, relatively dry.
  • Make sure the seals on your windows and door frames are tight in order to prevent bugs from crawling in around those areas.
  • Store firewood away from the house to keep termites and carpenter ants at bay.
  • Did you know that certain light can deter bugs from flying around? Yellow bulbs or sodium vapor lights are less attractive to insects!
  • Vacuum frequently to keep carpets clean of bugs that may like to burrow and crumbs that may attract them.
  • Keep counters clear of food debris and crumbs – especially sweet things.

Of course, most of the bugs we see inside in the summertime are relatively harmless; like sugar ants, centipedes, roly-polys, to name a few. If you are experiencing issues with wasps, carpenter ants, termites, and the like, this requires immediate attention by a professional and you should call a local exterminator to address the issue. We want you to be safe and well….and your home too!