By: Anna Petrie


It’s no surprise that as we have spent more time at home these last 8 weeks, we have discovered things about our homes that we would like to change. 

There was a recent survey conducted by* about this very thing. The survey involved asking various age groups about what they wanted for the next home, along with what they did with their down time, how they were affected by commute changes, etc.

The results were not surprising on the space front, given the increased level of remote work and virtual schooling many of us have experienced during this time.

First and foremost, people realized that they want more space. Regardless of age group, parent/non-parent, rent/own, male/female, the response was the same. The highest ‘must-have’ category was more space, hovering at about 15% across the board.

For the various age groups and categories, ‘more space’ manifested differently. The definition of ‘more space’ space looks like more rooms for the younger generations, while it looks like more separation from neighbors for the older groups of those surveyed.

Another not very surprising statistic from the survey was that an updated kitchen was a high priority for many as we have found ourselves preparing more food at home in these weeks. I count myself in that as well! An updated kitchen would be PERFECT right about now.

In addition to that, on average, about 32% of people surveyed also took on home improvement projects during these quarantine weeks.

This seems like another “no-brainer” as we had limited time to travel. Many folks chose to use this time to improve their abode or complete projects started long ago!

If, like many of those surveyed, you are realizing changes that can be made, let us know if we can be of service to you. Whether that be answering questions, providing service recommendations as you prepare to sell your home soon, or fielding curiosities about what the buying market is like right now; we are here to support you wherever you are in your Real Estate journey.

*To read the whole article and survey results conducted by REALTOR.COM, check out the full thing HERE.

Photo:Sarah Trummer from Pexels