By Joe Voell


Whenever we encounter something on our home to-do list, something breaks and we don’t want to hire someone to come in and fix it or we decide to be adventurous and take on a project like prepping a rental for tenants, as homeowners we continually are working to improve our property!

I recently finished up prepping a recent duplex purchase for tenants and in the process learned quite a bit. Here are a few things I learned:

  • Re-glazing decades old single pane windows isn’t as easy as it looks; Lucky for me, the right tools made it that much easier!
  • Tearing out a Latham plaster ceiling is a messy job; it’s important to have the right protective gear!
  • Removing concrete stairs takes a major toll on your body with a sledgehammer and mini sledgehammer; It’s much easier to rent a jackhammer!
  • Installing bathroom exhaust fans can be a bit trickier than expected; making sure to have a whole bin of extra screws and bolts saves hours of time!
  • When painting dark cabinets bright white – ALWAYS use multiple coats.

The learning curve was steep throughout the process! However, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the tenants are appreciative of the work that we did.  The most important thing to remember when wanting to get the work done in the best way, whether that be hiring help or Youtube-ing it, is that it behooves us all to have the right tools!