We haven’t always been the best about locking our front door, and, because my kids get home before my husband and I do, I was worried about locking them out completely.

We recently installed an electronic lock, and IT IS INCREDIBLE! We bought this lock probably about two years ago and hadn’t installed it because I thought it was going to be a huge chore. To my surprise, installation took about ten minutes…10 minutes! I was amazed.

The lock is battery operated and can have up to 99 codes; I don’t even know 99 people! Each one of us has our own personal code, so when the kids get home, they punch in their code and POOF the door is unlocked. Once they shut the door, the lock will automatically lock again in 30 seconds. We have a greater sense of security knowing that the kids have an added level of safety that we can’t reach with by our constant reminders to them to lock the door when they get home. It happens automatically, and that is a huge relief!

I had never given locks much thought, but I definitely feel a little bit safer knowing that the door is always locked with no effort from us. When I looked at Home Depot, Electronic Door Locks that they carry ranged from $50 to $650. All the ones that I could find ran off the battery and ranged from codes to fingerprints to remote access.

If you do decide to transfer out locks, make sure you save the old one, so that you can take the newer one with if you choose to move.

Do you think you will change to an Electronic lock or stick with your lock and key?



Article written by PIH Team Coordinator, Ashley Dragone